Picking up Mummelmann

2012 November 9

KÃ¥re Saglien as Mummelmann in focused interaction with a fat bee.

Yep, it’s official. I have been working on Mummelmann for a coulple of months now. If you have not heard about this movie, you probably don’t know me very well, because it is a major deal for me. It is something I must do before I do anything else of magnitude. While attending art school, I had many strange dreams. I wanted to make a little art video based on these dreams. So, every morning before getting out of bed, I would write something from the dream I just had. Or make a drawing. Or a painting. I hung all this material on the wall and when I felt I had enough, I wrote a script based upon it. It is therefore quite strange and personal. To overcome this barrier I tried to make as coherent story as I could. With real characters, sets, costumes ect, ect. I started filming it in 2004 and I made everyone help me. People really put in a lot of hours and effort to help me make my dream come true! Alas, it never left my computer. I almost finished it, but then I had a hardisk crash that destroyed months of post-production. I was stupid enough in those days to not have a proper backup. Aaaaaargh! I tried finishing it later, but the realities of life made it impossible for me to get any serious time working on it. It has been sitting on my shelf for so many years. It is embarrasing. But now, as I have more fortune in my life and have set up a studio in Leipzig, Germany, I have that time and money to spend. I am doing it! I am editing and making several animated special effects. It is a lot of work, but it is really rewarding to see this old thing come to life again. This time it will be even better! The latest news is that The Caretaker has agreed to let me use his album called An empty bliss beyond this World as music for Mummelmann. It fits perfectly!

Check out the old trailer here!

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