Collective Agreement Arbitration In Canada

2020 December 5

2. By filing an order or decision of an arbitrator or arbitrator before the Bundesgerichtshof under paragraph 1, the order or decision is heard before the Court of Justice and, if registered, it has the same power and effect and all proceedings can be taken as if it were a judgment rendered by the Court. ALL INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE GUIDES OF THIS WEBSITE (INCLUDING CODE GUIDE, NEWSLETTERS, AND PRACTICE GUIDELINES) IS CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW AND NOT BE RELIED ON EXCEPT WITH BAIL. Please contact the Information Officer at 604-660-1304 or for more information on the verification process. As part of the employment agency, the Collective Arbitration Bureau provides claims mediation services (responsible for billing) and appoints arbitrators (both expedited and un accelerated) to resolve rights complaints between employers and unions during the duration of a collective agreement. Applications for the appointment of a settlement officer or the appointment of arbitrators to the CAAB must be submitted in writing through an application form. The form is available on the LRB website: applications to CAAB can be sent by email (, permail, fax or in person. REGISTRATION times at CAAB are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, except as required by law. Registrations filed after 4 p.m. will be processed as submitted the next business day at 8:00 a.m. The Director must establish and maintain a record of arbitrators.

The Minister is appointed to a joint advisory committee, made up of members of the Industrial Relations Community, to advise the Director in the training and training of arbitrators and settlement officers; Researching and publishing information on arbitrations and comparisons; The establishment and maintenance of a register of arbitrators. If you have a request for an active case prior to CAAB or our administrative procedures, you can contact the Director at (604) 623-6549. (b) due to circumstances beyond the control of the arbitrator or arbitrator, it is not feasible to make or make the order or decision within sixty days. If the parties have not reached an agreement on the continuation of activities, the CIRB, at the request of one of the parties, lists, no later than a fortnight after the application of a motion to the dispute, any questions relating to the application of paragraph 87.4, paragraph 1, of the code. In addition, at any time after a notice of dispute, the Minister of Labour may refer to the CIRB any question relating to the application of paragraph 87.4, paragraph 1 of the code or any question relating to whether an agreement reached by the parties is sufficient to ensure compliance with paragraph 87.4, paragraph 1. Marginal note: The authority of the arbitrator when the contract ends (2) For the purposes of the subsection (1), each day provided within a period for which the arbitration procedure is suspended under paragraph 65, paragraph 2, is not counted as one of the sixty days of indencation referred to in the subsection (1). 3. The board may, at the request of both parties, order that the termination date of the collective agreement be amended to set a joint termination date for two or more collective agreements involving a single employer.

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