Nabet Agreement

2020 December 13

NABET-CWA and CNN agreed in February 2018 to use the NRL`s Alternative Dispute Resolution Program (ADR) to resolve outstanding issues, including fair compensation for affected workers. The REL process ended on November 15, 2019 without agreement. Under the agreement released today, CNN will pay $76 million to the NRB, which in turn will make payments to affected workers. Payments will be compensated for the long duration of the case and the negative tax consequences of the amount of payments. NABET-CWA will withdraw all pending charges against CNN. “After more than 15 years, this settlement agreement finally brings justice to workers who find themselves in a difficult situation because of CNN`s union practices,” said Charlie Braico, President of NABET-CWA. “This incredible worker regulation should send a very clear message to CNN and other employers that union failure is illegal and has consequences.” More than 300 working families have been searching since 2004, when CNN terminated its contracts with a contractor, Team Video Services (TVS), to provide services. Although NABET-CWA represented the engineers and technicians employed in TVS, CNN refused to recognize NABET-CWA as an agent for employees, refused to negotiate wages and other terms of employment, refused to retain long-term employees of the rate unit, and unilaterally changed the salaries and benefits of employees in the unit it held. In November 2008, an administrative judge of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) (ALJ) found that CNN`s misconduct was contrary to federal labour law.

Since then, CNN has attempted to undermine the ALJ`s decision by filing more than 1,600 exceptions to the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”), which were rejected by the NLRB in 2014. CNN then filed a request for reconsideration with the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, which confirmed the NRL`s finding that CNN discriminated against TVS union staff. The long-running union dispute with CNN threatened to disrupt the upcoming debate on January 14 at Drake University, which hosts CNN. NABET-CWA had informed the Democratic National Committee, Democratic presidential candidates, who had qualified for the debate, and CNN of their intention to win the event. Randall Stephenson, CEO of ATT, and John Stankey, CEO of WarnerMedia, played a constructive role in the comparison discussions between NABET-CWA and CNN. CNN is part of the WarnerMedia branch of AT-T. 2019-2021 Collective Agreement with Tariffs (PDF, 4 MB) For a simple reference, you will find the rate sheets for each of the three years of the current collective agreement. CNN`s ability to avoid liability for its illegal behavior for more than 15 years shows how much U.S. labor laws, supposed to protect workers, have been manipulated for the benefit of businesses. While CNN was doing everything in its power to avoid compliance with the law, many of the workers involved fought to get by with minimum wage jobs or were forced to uproot their families to find work. Several of the workers died pending the company`s justice.

Washington, D.C. (January 10) — NABET-CWA, Communications Workers of America and its premises 11 (New York) and Local 31 (Washington, D.C.), negotiated one of the largest wage compensations in the National Labor Relations Board`s (NLRB) 84-year history, under which CNN America, Inc. must pay a total of US$76 million to hundreds of licensed radio technicians when CNN terminated its contract with union employees. Team Video Services (TVS). The comparison provides considerable justice to workers who have been waiting for him for more than 15 years for the losses they suffered as a result of CNN`s illegal behavior. “We are grateful to Democratic National Committee President Tom Perez for his help in ensuring that this debate continues uninterrupted by a labour dispute,” said Chris Shelton, President of communications workers america.

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