Uiuc Labor Agreements

2020 December 19

Specific issues relating to working relations with teaching assistants and administrative assistants of teaching need to be addressed: during this meeting, the university and the GEO tentatively agreed on three additional articles, bringing the total number of provisional agreements to eight. The articles that were the subject of provisional agreements at this meeting deal with workers` rights, fees and deductions for fair actions, as well as leave and leave, and contain a new immigration provision and changes to the parental leave regime. The parties continued to discuss proposals for appointment dates, appeal procedures, information distribution, health and safety. With respect to the renewal of appointments, the university continues to aspire to a language that provides predictability to staff while recognizing operational factors that also affect the timing of notices of appointment. At the request of the GEO at the end of the round of negotiations, the parties intend to initiate a federal mediator for future negotiating sessions. The university and the GEO have made progress in securing a follow-up agreement with the continued support of federal mediators. In order to answer several outstanding questions, the university launched the meeting by presenting a proposal for a package on a number of provisions on which the university considered that the parties could either reach an agreement or withdraw. In the end, the parties reached an interim agreement on the four (4) provisions below, bringing to twelve (12) the total number of interim agreements between the parties: The University submitted a revised comprehensive package proposal on the following conditions: (1) the conditions of appointment, (2) salaries, (3) fee exemptions, 4) health care, 5) childcare, (6) the cover letter and (7) the duration of the agreement. The university looks forward to GEO`s response to the package proposal at the next meeting, scheduled for 31 October 2017. Why is the GEO linked to national trade unions? What do they know about university graduates? IUOE Local 399 (Service/Maintenance) – International Union of Operating Engineers Contract (eff. 7/1/2018 – 30.06.2022) The parties held another full-day round of negotiations with a federal mediator. The day`s discussion focused on the common interest of the parties to a declaration of intent on the appointment decision.

The university has revised and proposed to the GEO a memorandum dealing with many themes identified as common points of interest. The memorandum was intended to facilitate the parties` efforts to find ways to improve the notification date by establishing a joint committee, and the University reaffirmed its commitment to improve the appointment process and to inform the majority of its re-appointed teaching assistants at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to their appointment until the academic year 2019-2020.

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