Unifor Air Canada Agreement

2020 December 19

COVID 19 has affected not only us, but the whole world. The virus now has more than 350,000 deaths worldwide and thousands of people are seriously ill, families including our own. We send condolences and prayers in their own way. LAY OFF- LAY OFF members who have been officially dismissed from June 07/20 must return your RAIC, Punch Card, parking card and evacuate your assigned locker by June 07/20. If you are unable to do so, please contact yyzresource@aircanada.ca.You will receive information about the company`s health services via email. You will have access to corporate emails and travel benefits for 365 days from June 07/20. This does not include OAL Travel. At the time of the first application to CEWS/CERB, we did not know how many employees were returning to the workplace. Now that this has been found, there are no vacation weeks available during the year based on our figures. Missed vacation weeks have been associated with Return to Work effective June 07/20. It is possible to cancel holiday days for up to a week. Please send a request to yyzresource@aircanada.ca POST- 2/20 June business committee made a mistake over time for employees to be called back to work while working on an LOA. The timeline is 14 days, not 72 hours.

Sorry for the supervision. This does not apply to “active” staff as of June 07/20. Those affected are informed by email. To date, we do not have a specific amount because the company has not disclosed the details, but we do know that YYZARPT will bear a surplus to support the transaction when it increases. These members are informed by email from the company. We expect this to be announced shortly. The Union has approached the company to request a senior-based volunteering process. This request was rejected by the company. This is not contrary to the collective agreement.

Please note that the employee assistance program is available 24 hours a day 1,844,880,9142.-The aviation industry is at an unprecedented operational level and we, as front-line employees, are here to rebuild our jobs. The goal is to increase the number of passengers in order to bring our staff back to their initial profits and to give jobs back to our colleagues. This may mean that the company needs our skills in different areas in our field of employment. We will continue to monitor and communicate with the administration to ensure a fair distribution of work. We will continue to provide our customers with excellent care and customer service, while respecting all health and safety policies. RETURN TO WORK As many of you return to work on Sunday, June 7 and 20, our new Altea computer system will be supported.

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