Rental Agreement In Portugal

2021 April 11

There are many wonderful neighborhoods to rent apartments or houses in Portugal, just make sure you do your research first to make sure you are fully prepared for the move. Nestpick, a rental research group in Lisbon and many other cities of Portugues, could be a good starting point if you are looking for an apartment to rent in the medium and long term in Portugal. There are several types of houses that you can find in Portugal – from the common apartment you will find in all the cities to the typical farms of Portugal in quieter areas. If you are buying houses and apartments for rent or a house, we can show you some of the most common practices for the process of finding a home. We explain the duration of the leases in this country, the documents you need for the rental or purchase. Unlike some other European countries, there is no deposit management system. This means that the owners can stop the deposit themselves for the duration of the lease. However, one possibility is to see if you can accept the deposit into a trust account that cannot be touched by any of the parties during the tenancy period and in some cases you can share the interest earned on the down payment. You don`t need documents for short-term rents, except for your ID card or passport. As with the average cost, a holiday apartment can cost between 25 and 100 euros (27 to 110 USD) per night, depending on the location. Emails and text/whatsApp messages can be used as proofs, but are not ideal.

Language notes, voice calls or oral agreements are most likely not considered valid in court, so everything you require must be official. Often, we may hear: “We do not need to enshrine this in the Treaty; we can agree. Disagree, even if it seems to be done in good faith. The rent index in Portugal varies from region to region. Inland rents are much more affordable than in coastal areas or in and around Lisbon and Porto. As mentioned above, rents are much higher during the summer months than in the off-season. Where you can rent depends on where you feel most comfortable. The graph below shows the average rental prices per square metre in the affected regions in Portugal. Since finding accommodation in Lisbon is a challenge, many of us focus mainly on finding suitable rental fees in a somewhat decent place. Factors such as an officially signed lease are usually ignored as a mere formality. Find out all about public services in Portugal and how you set up your public services.

You must sign a contract with each company, usually for the duration of your lease. You must sign a lease (contracto de arrendamento) to rent a property in Portugal. You also need a Portuguese tax number (contributor tax number). If you need to install water in your home, you should usually visit the company office.

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