Soil Relocation Agreement Bc

2021 October 8

(a) a person who has led to the transport of the contaminated soil taking into account the quality or degree of contamination of the soil, or generic numerical standards, generic digital water standards, soil numerical standards and soil-specific numerical standards; The BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (BC ENV) recently published its Final Policy Direction – Prevention of Contamination from Soil Relocation (January 2019). The strategy paper proposes changes to the current legal provisions on land displacement, as well as the justification, impact and timetable for implementation. This amendment requires legislative changes and is expected to be submitted to Cabinet for review in mid-2019. The implementation date for these changes is not yet fixed, but it is expected in late 2019 or early 2020. `site closure` means the removal, destruction or treatment of soil, process equipment or buildings, including the removal of storage tanks, in a manner designed to stop or reduce a significant part of the operation on a site or to significantly change the use of the site; (d) The British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy intends to introduce legislation to better regulate excess land transfers, including waste, and to reduce soil discharge to landfills. (i) the area is used for agricultural land use and the concentration of a substance in the contaminated soil is not greater than or equal to (2) A regional district is not required to include soil in its waste management plan for municipal waste management. 32 (1) A carrier of contaminated soil, which is otherwise in compliance with the Act and regulations, is not responsible for the remediation of a contaminated site by disposing of or depositing contaminated land if there has been a false presentation to the carrier. (i) the applicable generic digital soil standard or (8) For the purposes of using digital matrix soil standards and location-specific digital soil standards, site-specific factors are expected for (b) at least four working days from the date of receipt of the approved contaminated soil relocation agreement before the contaminated soils are moved. . .


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