Uts Ssg Agreement

2021 October 13

Students who have to take weekly courses, tutors, etc., are entitled to half an hour of learning for each course, up to a maximum of four hours per week. In cases where it is not necessary to take attendance courses (for example. B distance or online learning or a research project), staff may continue to be entitled to weekly studies on the basis of the corresponding attendance or on the basis of the subject`s study load (e.g. B six credits = three hours face-to-face). At the request of the university and with the agreement of their tutor, staff may collect their weekly duration of studies and follow them in blocks (see point 4.5.2 below). Their conditions of employment are in accordance with the corresponding UTS company agreement. For the senior staff group (SSG), academic staff and technical staff, there are separate agreements. The conditions of employment at the UTS are set by various laws, collective agreements, customary law and university police, practice and statutes. A faculty may choose to establish a PIP committee separate from the faculty to approve its PIP applications or to have its PIP applications approved by a faculty committee, such as the Dean`s Advisory Committee, which is not established solely for the purpose of PIP approval, but whose membership meets the above criteria. For a staff member with a substantial integrated academic function, the return to his or her substantive role is automatic upon termination of his or her temporary academic appointment, unless a new or ongoing appointment to an educational-focused academic position is offered by UTS and accepted by the academic. Where it is not possible to rework, a staff member may use annual leave, long-term service leave or, where appropriate, flexible working hours to compensate for these amounts. If there is not enough vacation or flexible schedule, you should take paid leave. Congratulations on a job offer for UTS.

A staff member is generally required to suspend membership in all UTS commissions and to abandon all administrative activity during pep. The staff member shall inform the competent president of the duration of his suspension of affiliation as soon as the PEP is approved. For leave and occasional leave for members of the Academic Committee, see Rule G3 (Part 1, Section 1) in the General Rules. . . .

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