Cat, Bear and Fizz from the Air

2016 June 20

On the 16 of June 2016, Petter Ballo, Christian Tony Norum and myself were invited by 1857 to make a performance in the legendary Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. It was part of the Manifesta 11 biennale. Petter made the poster and a giant aluminium head that serves wine through it two brain-halves. He also made a special barrel with a pump. My idea was a giant drink “cannon” to serve Gin Fizz directly to the audience through a barrel. Tony made a movie, several poems and a bunch of live painitngs. Everyone helped realising the cannon. The result was a happening that ended up as a wild party where the lines between audience and performer got erased.

Big thanks to Jenny Klinge for filming.

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