Visuals for Dirty Nun Techno Crew

2016 November 12

Not my photograph

I was asked to make visuals for Dirty Nun Techno Crew‘s concert at the danish Define festival. It is situated in Alison Koncerthall, which is a big concert hall in Sønderborg. This was quite an adventure, as I have never received a commission from another country before. Also this is not your average techno-act. These ladies don nuns robes and at their concerts there are always a big gang of followers dressed like nuns. I got very good vibe from them. They are not christians, but play with christian imagery. For me they represent the power of the Holy Ghost. An musical energy lifting the audience up to a level of collective ecstasy. With this as my source of inspiration I made a videoshow, a laser cross over the entire length of the hall and a special halo for them to wear.

Unfortunately I have no photos of this gig! I still wanted to post it here. A memory.
Check out Dirty Nun Techno Crew’s video on youtube!

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