Christian Tony Norum invited me to participate in a group exhibition he curated in Edvard Munch´s old studion in Ekely. I was honored and wanted to make something special. But I had so few days free for producing something! Luckily I had the 3D binaural camera I made with Kristian Castro. I was anxious to make something with it, so it was a perfect opportunity. But a video of what? The only idea I had to begin with, was an old idea from a shelved Spiderman musical performance. It was the brainchild of Rune Van Deurs and what fascinated me the most was his description of strapping toothpaste to his wrists to make the spiderweb effect. This stuck to my head and I built my movie around that.

The entire production took ten days, including the installation. For this reason the 3D is pretty rough. I don´t mind too much though. There is raw energy pouring through! My good old friend, Trond Ove Hjelmervik played the part of Dag Vidar. I borrowed the Darth Vader helmet and the lightsabre from the amazing Tor Gustad.

To view the video I made a black “helmet” containing cardboard goggles, lenses, a headset and a Nexus smartphone. I hung it from the ceiling with a wire.

The name of the exhibition was Menneskeberget. About 100 artists participated. The opening was on the first of may. It was totally awesome. Scroll down to see photos from the installation and the actual video on youtube.

Foto: Lise Wulff photo 11173398_10203627936369960_6002138126303205606_n_zps2ji6pnix.jpgFoto: Lise Wulff

Foto: Lise Wulff photo 11182120_10203627935729944_4439907032250537554_n_zpsbretpdbh.jpg
Foto: Lise Wulff

3D stereoscopic version:

This is the proper way to view the video. Use Goggle Cardboard or other VR equipment for a stereoscopic experience. Remember to also use headphones!

2D version:

This is the slum version for the masses. The sound is pretty sweet, so be sure to use headphones and pump up the volume!