Science Fiction GIF videowall

I have long toyed with the idea of gathering a group of artists with the intention of making science fiction. We would not be bound by any medium, but would root our work in concepts developed together. Well guess what? It is becoming real and it is called The Office for Science Fiction. The starting point was the release of Atlaspunkt. It is an inspired science fiction poetry book written by Maria Dorothea Schrattenholz.

To show our support for this great event, some friends and I made stuff to make the release extra special and extra sci-fi. Carsten Aniksdal made music and video. Rudi Simmons made music he performed with Carsten. I made a videowall. It consists of eighteen ten inch screens that all show animated gifs with a science fiction theme. The idea is that this wall will be a source of inspiration and a referance point as it shows most of the key concepts existing in science fiction today. It is made up of hundreds of gifs curated around some loose themes. Each screen is unique and loops at around two minutes runtime.

Click on the image to see an even bigger version!