Leaving the Room

I made a music video for FastForwardsEatsTheTape. It was made in a punk style, spending only 2000 kr and having a lot of fun along the way. There are many short samples mixed in with the original footage.

The main star is a really bright and creative girl called Greta Högkvist-Zamecznik. She did everything like I asked and was super patient throuhout the special effects shots. The Big Boss is Trond Ove Hjelmervik and the two other hackers are Frans Högkvist-Zamecznik and Stina Högkvist. Check it out:

Here are some photos from the shooting of the Big Boss scenes:

I mounted LEDs to the corners of the helmet so that i could track it later.

Thank you Trond Ove Hjelmervik for always helping me out in my videos!