VICTOR HR-3300 – Poster, VHS-casing and video-mastering

I made this image for the cover of FastForwardsEatsTheTape’s VHS-videotape called VICTOR HR-3300. It is a digital collage of Carsten Aniksdal’s face together with samples from many 80’s movies that I used to watch on VHS. Yes, you heard it right, the album is released on VHS. A hommage to this lost medium that was such a big part of our childhood. Every song has a music video made by a friend of Carsten. I also made a video contribution. When all the videos were finished, it was my job to collect them all, convert them to the right format and make an master-tape that we could use to make all the copies.

There were complications, of course, but in the end we managed to get everything ready for the release. The cover was printed by Konsis, who did an exellent job.


If you want to be the proud owner of this VHS-album, it is currently for sale at Platebutikken Tiger

If you are poor or just lazy, you can see the entire thing right here. But please, with sugar on top, buy the VHS!