Green heroes and enviromental villains

In 2008 I was hired by Expology to draw and develop four characters in a superhero type of universe spun around the worlds environmental crisis. They were to serve as a backdrop for talks in BI‘s stand in an environmental conference.

My intention was to draw them with ink, but when my employers saw the pencils they were content. That’s why the superhero-style isn’t as clean cut here as in the comic-books. I added some quick colors in photoshop.

Toxic Doom
Environmental super-villain number one. He just want to get rich and powerful by destroying the world.

Our heroine who saves the day time and time again from enviromental disaster. She is followed by her trusty owl. She carries a pouch full of jack’s magic beans.

Bernt Bertvik
The slacker who is too occupied indulging in his every desire to care about the global perspective. Does he remind you of anyone you know?

Doktor Dynamo
The scientist who invents tomorrows green technology today! Here we see him with his latest invention; a machine that can light a whole city with the power of a little hamster!