Kristian Castro and Paulina Stroynowska chilling at Lille Carl Berner

I have been hanging out at Carl Berner (Oslo) for many years. Together with the impossible Kristian Castro, we have invented a fiction about the very scary Carl Berner Gang. We used to sit in the Ola Narr park and tell made up stories about them to the people we met there over beer or Barbie-Q. This has been a tradition for years, but spring 2018 something special happened. We were there with a good group of friends and created strong bonds. We started hanging out several times a week and calling ourselves the Carl Berner Gang (Carl Berner Gjengen). Just for fun!

The start of the adventure where we randomly met Ingvild
Backgammon at Ola Narr

Summer came and Ingvild Danielsen found a fantastic place by the industrial harbour next to Sørenga. On some floating docks someone had put up some kind of improvised shack, very well hidden from the general public. It turned out to be an amazing swimming place and a home away from home as we filled it up with tables, chairs, tablecloths, cutlery, plates, glasses, candles, a dartboard and even a grill. We used it almost every day and dubbed it Lille Carl Berner. A Carl Berner colony. It was a huge social success and I even invited the family for a big dinner there. The vibe was unique and everyone that used the place treated it with respect.

T-Money & Captain Pabs

But then one day someone came and started claiming our stuff. This was great stuff that we had transported several kilometers. Our beloved things! This guy said that it was his stuff and that we could not prove it was ours. I got angry and incredibly frustrated because I could not prove it was ours. Then I tought “What if I had written CBG on our belongings and also made something terrifying about CBG that would scare the bad people from messing with our stuff? This thought grew in me and traveled with me to Hvitsten Salong where I told this basic idea to Kristian. Together we started making a script for a short movie.

Dreaming in the forest surrounded by the CBG

Everything in the movie is made by me and my friends. Kristian Castro helped produce it and also plays the part of Skviseren. The music is made by Carsten Aniksdal (who also filmed everything and did the color grading as well!) and Steinar Engedahl. The final soundmix was done by Richard Sveen. Petter Ballo not only acted and made his own costume, but supplied some great scenography for the final movie as well. Paulina Stroynowska plays the part of the first victim as well as helping out with costumes and hairstyles. Tammo Rist And Kirsty Kross play the couple. They came with their own costumes and also improvised most of the scene. Priceless! Ingvild Danielsen and Christian Bull play junkie number 1 and 2.

On friday the 5 of August 2019 I screened the film in a shed in Hvitsten for the Hvitsten Salong art and music festival that I am happy to say that I have been attending for the last five years. Thanks Jon Lundell!


Ballo, the magnificent
Kirsty Kross and Tammo Rist getting into character
Ingvild and Kristian posing in the purple light
Kirsty and Bull waiting for the gang

The film is produced mostly at Carl Berner Hollywood, 2018

Making the skeleton for the body. Cheap-style!
Paulina styling the dolls wig. The same wig was used in all three movies with different hairstyles.
Washing pigs blood is not fun.
I made all the spacial effects with good help from Kristian
His clothes were soaked in blood!
Its a wrap!

I was lucky to loan a shed in Beautiful Hvitsten
A dark and a little bit spooky room. Perfect! I installed a big TV, monitor speakers, a sub and a media player connected to a button so that the movie didn’t have to run 24/7 and disturb the neighbours. The equipment was provided for by Expology.
Push the button!