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The 12′th of september is the opening day of the new club in town. It is an attempt to make a total concept activating as many fractions of culture as possible. For now we have a concert, dj, performance, contemporary dance, sculpture, lighting design, bar, disco, foto installations and several videos. Hopefully we will have food and paintings at the next party. The location is Dansens hus and we have a lot of great people involved. The organisers are: Ida Mary Cowell, Helle Siljeholm, Carl Nilssen-love, Sara Christophersen, Evelina Dembacke and me. The ambition is to stimulate our audience, have fun and cultivate an artistic and intellectual enviroment around Dansens Hus. Hopefully this enviroment can make a unique contribution to our times.

I made the poster with a desire to draw something uniquely contemporary in the sense that I wanted the drawing be specific for 2009. I also wanted a sense of discovery, adventure and most of all; playfullness. I spendt almost two days doodling lame ideas and playing around with fonts, when I suddenly remembered a striking image I once saw in a manga. I am talking about the amazing DOMU: A Child’s Dream by Katsuhiro Otomo. There is a version of it called DOMU: The dreams of children that has a really striking cover. I decided to reuse Otomos composition and basic design replacing the “magical building” with a rubiks cube of contemporary elements. I changed the girl into a little ballerina with a monkey to get some thematical contrast. At last I added the stick and the pinjata. After all; it’s a party! I think the drawing works like I wanted it to and I have added enough to Otomos cover to not be embarrassed to admit where my inspiration came from.

DOWNLOAD DESKTOP IMAGE: Click on the image below to download my illustration as a desktop background image.