Court drawing: “Lommemannen”

Scanpix called me up and asked if I wanted to draw some court drawings for them. I was surprised and flattered, naturally, even more so when I learned that the case in question was the famous and dreaded “Lommemannen” case. I accepted and proceeded to prepare myself for the task. I was to draw on the 2 November, the opening day of the trial. Usually when I draw I will make pencil sketches which I place upon a light-table and trace through to a clean sheet of paper using ink. This means that I can easily correct errors and pick out only the details I want. But drawing in court is something different entirely. Firstly it was very crowded and I had very little space to draw on; we were six people drawing for different customers. You have to be fast, and the drawing you are working on is the one that will be printed! The is no room for mistakes really. Well, I made several mistakes, as I think you can see. On one of the drawings the arms are too long and on another the colors are just awful. But what can I say, the atmosphere in the room was equally awful, at least! So no, I don’t think these drawings are technically good, but I think they contain some emotion. (exept for the last one, the grey one, were I just concentrated on drawing correctly, avoiding color and emotion)