Monkey Bang Bang

Every year the magazine “Natt og Dag” give away a prize for the best club concept in Oslo. I made this ten second video for this years prize ceremony. That’s 250 drawings.

I used the opportunity to experiment with how rough i could draw and still manage to make it look fluid. I found out that you can sketch really rough drawings as long as you have good reference material. What I did was to shoot this material first, edit, then trace AKA rotoscope it, drawing as fast as I could. Since I wanted video with 25 frames pr second and wanted a hectic, flurry feel, I left in all the errors and tried to just have fun with the drawings.

I also learned NOT to use thick markers or big blotches of ink when going crazy on the sketching. I am referring to the shot instance inside the building. Here all the details “disappear” because of the heavy ink. Also these frame are repeated two times, making them stick out even more.

The monkey god is inspired by Milo Manara‘s classic comic “The Ape” which I am reading at the moment.. This character originally emerged from chinese mythology, known as “Sun-Wukong“. This character is elaborated upon in the “Monkey” TV series from the late 70’s and is the basis for “Son Goku” in the famous “Dragonball” manga and anime.

Big thanks to Børre Dan Knutsen for the camerawork, Kamilla Kotte Birkeland for assisting and Niels Theissen from “Broke Steady Crew” for being patient and for editing and mixing the sound. He found this AWESOME song. What is the name of it? Tell me please!