Snik og Snok p̴ M̴nen Рconcepts, models and photographs

I am collaborating with the dance duo Siljeholm/Christopersen on a wonderful production that blends theatre and dance. They (Helle Siljeholm and Sara Christophersen) have been looking for funding for a long time and have finally gotten it. We have started production and are having lots of fun. The show is a follow up to the popular traveling childrens play called Eventyrlige Eventyr. It is about the superheroes Snik and Snok who are trying to save the world from a super-villain and pollution. Their adventures involve a trip to the moon. My job is to design the world they inhabit. Their home, their city, the moon ect. I’m going to build models of everything and then it is Ludde, the video guy’s job to patch it together for the computers and projectors. The process is very open so we all brainstorm together on the plot also.

I don’t want to post any images of design we are gonna use for the play, but here is a peek at some of the older designs we used in the application process.

I wanted the moon to look as if it was made by Haribo.

For some reason this particular design was refused! I wonder why?

Here is the new version:

The following sequence explains one of the principal concepts of the older version of the script.

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