Spinning Jovialbiennalen

Photo by Oda Hveem

Some friends of mine had the idea of making a music festival called Jovialbiennalen. Jovial means goodnatured, festive and somehow happy. Many alternative bands were playing in Sound of Mu, MIR and Søndagbarn. I had a meeting with the søndagsbarn gang where we planned the event and ate great Duck confit. I engaged myself in the visual aspect of the festival. I wanted got make the festival go around and around. (In norwegian, “å få festen til å gå rundt” means making the party go around, but also to be economically sustainible). As many things a possible should spin! So I made some spinning sculptures. Really just a bunch of readymades mounted onto motorised stuff like turntables. Oh, and a real functioning Wheel of Fortune, with prizes and everything!

Round and round

Ane Thon Knutsen painted it nicely.

Photo by Oda Hveem

Ane and Marthe Næstby also made merchandise for the wheel. Buttons and silkscreen-pressed t-shirts with the words “Thank you very merch”. Marthe and Ane are two merry girls who run the Søndagsbarn. It is open every sunday and is a great way to be mellow and hungover in Oslo. They serve food and drink of great quality and cheap price, and have live act every week. Free! Ane also made great posters for the event, pressed the old way on thick paper.

Back to my stuff. I had to get hold of a lot of stuff to make the visuals. I used underskog to find people who had old stuff that I could borrow or have for my sculptures. I spent many days just looking for stuff, taking the bus all over town and carrying it to KHIO. KHIO is the national art school where Marthe and Ane are finishing their master degree in Design. They have great workshops there for almost every craft imaginable which was a great asset to me when I had to do the woodcrafing.

dukke SnurrKinasnurrdukkesnurrsnurrsnurrsnurr

Here are some of the spinning objects I made. (They are also my first attempts to make gif files. Hooray!) I was also performing on Jovialbiennalen with the performance team called “1000 mÃ¥ter Ã¥ spille didjedidu”. The main members are Oddgeir Thune and I. I will let that stay shrouded in mystery.  Maybe I’ll write about it the next time we perform.

Thomas Bipin helping us make the 1001 måter å spille didjedidu peformance

There were many good concerts on saturday, but Koppen really raised the roof, or rocked the house or how do you say it? Made Da Bomb or you know what I mean. Everyone went crazy and jumped up and down and so forth. It was so crazy and funky, but still so musically beautiful, complex and tight. Best concert in a long time!

Silje Huleboer. Try not to fall in love.

On sunday there was only good music, but Ole og Silje Huleboer stood out.  They reached a level of naked beauty,  so simple and raw, that it made many members of the audience actually cry and fall in love. Even I had tears in my eyes! We predict that Silje will have a golden career as a singer if she chooses to do so. What a heavenly voice! The decorations in the backround were made by Kaja von Kwetzinsky-Stetzenkow and Mette Marit Breivik.

Photo of mellow croud by Oda Hveem

The bands that were playing were: Inland Anchor, Fransk Frokost, s.l.y.c. Steinar rytmeboksorkester, Firefly Effect, Ole og Silje Huleboer, The Time Lodgers, An Ananas, Koppen, Norsk Bangla Forum, 1001 Måter å spille digeridoo, DJ Sissyfus & DJ Kreismyr. We love you!

Photo of Sissyfus by Oda Hveem

The main man, Jørgen Sissyfus Skjulstad. He is Dj and electronic intrument player in Koppen, but plays in many other bands as well, including his own band called Center of The Universe. Oh, and he is the guru behind the fantastic label called Metronimicon Audio.  He is always up to something.